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Alexander Street Construction

Alexander Street, between Lawrence Drive in Princeton and Canal Pointe Boulevard in West Windsor, will close for about six months beginning on Wednesday, November 6, 2019, for road construction.

Construction won't prohibit traveling to campus, but it will make it more time consuming. Traffic congestion from all routes to campus during peak times (weekdays, 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m., and 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.) will be higher than normal. Drivers traveling to campus along Route 1 will see the greatest delays.

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Planning Your Visit

Princeton's campus is located on 500 acres in the bustling heart of New Jersey. In addition to the daily campus tours and events, many visitors set aside time to explore the region:

Tours & Information Sessions

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Our 23-stop, student-led  of the main campus is available in English, Korean, Mandarin and Spanish and includes 360-degree panorama photos and videos.

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Shuttles & Local Transit

TigerTransit shuttle bus

Campus Shuttles

TigerTransit's shuttle routes circulate through main campus and make connections to the Princeton train station, Forrestal campus, the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory and several local grocery stores. (On-demand service is available after hours.)

Local Bus Routes

Driving & Parking

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  • Lot 21 (GPS: “” or lat./long. “40.345016,-74.645716”)
  • Lot 23 (GPS: “” or lat./long. “40.340605,-74.656773”)

On weekends and evenings, visitors may park in most other lots and garages. View the  to find parking closest to the buildings you are visiting.

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Visiting for a tour, the or the ? Park in Lot 23 and take the to the Clio Hall stop for access to central campus.

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Air & Train Travel

Rail Routes

A train known locally as "The Dinky" connects campus (Princeton Station at Alexander Street) to .

Northbound  passing through Princeton Junction provide direct service to New York City and Newark Liberty International Airport. av高清电影 | 成人电影 亚洲无码 欧美高清 东京热 在线视频 日本女优 一本道 720P 1080P,123,123,123&A southbound transfer to the  Trenton Line train at Trenton provides service to Philadelphia.

 trains connect Princeton Junction to Washington, D.C., Boston and the broader region. 

International Airports

and trains from campus reach four international airports. Newark and Philadelphia are closest if you have the choice. 


Numerous motels and other forms of lodging are available in the Princeton area. The Princeton Regional Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau offers an  on its website. Visitors to campus can take advantage of discounted rates through the University's . Look for the "Local Hotels" heading.


If you plan to attend an event and have accessibility concerns, please contact the office you are visiting, Transportation and Parking Services or the .

An eruv is a symbolic enclosure that allows observant Jews, mostly of the Orthodox community, to carry objects outdoors on the Sabbath.